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Math and Physics tutoring preparation to study in Europe, Australia,US or any countries

Going to study abroad? We offer personalized tutoring for Mathematics subjects to prepare you when studying in your College/University. So you will not shocked with technical Maths and Physics terminology, Mathematics and Physics problems and any difficulties in understanding Mathematics and Physics when studying in College/University.

Whether it's Algebra or Calculus, Geometry or Arithmetic, Dynamics, Quantum theory, at some point nearly everyone struggles with math and physics class. (According to a  study, 70% of students worldwide work with a tutor by the time they graduate from high school, most of them for help in math!) It's a challenging subject that doesn't come naturally for most of us .

Sometimes all that's needed is a little personalized attention. We have a great staff of expert Math and Physics tutors, and we would love to be your partner to prepare your study outside Indonesia.

We already successfully helped many of students to prepare their studies in foreign countries.

Harvard Medical School (US)


Cambridge University (UK)

Lund University (Europe)

Tokyo University (Japan)

NTU (Singapore)

NSU (Singapore)


Oregon State University (OSU), US.

California State University

Michigan State University

Melbourne Univesity

Monash University, etc



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